work from the first half of this course

july 13, 2020

Due to the gap that had occurred after the previous half of the course it was important for us to revisit our subject and study it again in its most natural form.

breaking movement patterns of the cobra into geomentry

Understanding form features and ABSTRACTION.

For a long time now i have had various questions about what abstraction really is !

1.) The Hood posture

The most distinguishing feature of the cobra, its trademark.

dividing the hood into planes and volumes
zooming in on the head region for abstraction

coming back to the original view-

my principle reference form posture and its view.
  • age
  • speed
  • hardness/softness
  • and other specific attributes
examining just the head for abstraction
  • sturdy, masculine hard but DYNAMIC. {fig 2}
  • soft, feminine and dynamic { fig 3}
  • soft, feminine and static { fig 4 }
  1. controlled cocoon of fire
  2. reflective surfaces
  3. user- age group- 18–30
  4. economic background of the user- affluent



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