Adit Kaushik
14 min readJun 3, 2021


Adit kaushik,

National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh

Course- Techno Aesthetic Detailing (TAD)

Duration- 8 weeks

guide- Mr. Kuntal De

group members- Shreyas, Shamanth, Adit

beauty that solves a purpose meaningfully

the very first thing which we catered to was look into the why!

why even design anything?

why give it to the people and what purpose does it solve with its presence amongst humanity!

we tried connecting multiple geological aspects of human settlements and factors that are potential problem areas
we witness an overlap of all the domains in some way or the other

consuming the price TAG

We took away the emotions away !

Understanding Habitats

understanding habitats


two major problem areas we concluded upon
differentiated in strata according to the importance of the problem.
general observations
Analogy of the rib cage with a boat structure

June 8 , 2021 — Tuesday

we needed our WHY !

June 11, 2021 — Friday

analysis of current scenario

The city = our body

the bus network = our lungs

a bus stop = an alveoli,

14-june, 2021 - Monday

re-evaluating the effectiveness of our solution

we kept in the center of our ideation these four factors, giving them importance individually, but getting to integrate them in a seamless manner.

what to pick ? what to leave ?

A necessary confusion


modular- cell arrangement

concept 1
concept 2