Techno Aesthetic Detailing- 2021

June 3, 2021- Tuesday

With the start of a new course after a break for a few days from college, I have a very Structured form of learnings, that I formulated from the number of mistakes that I did in the past.

  • make it stand out
we tried connecting multiple geological aspects of human settlements and factors that are potential problem areas
we witness an overlap of all the domains in some way or the other

consuming the price TAG

if we look back and introspect, it is only when humans put a price on natural elements including water, food and landscape or even oxygen !

Understanding Habitats

understanding habitats
two major problem areas we concluded upon
differentiated in strata according to the importance of the problem.
general observations
Analogy of the rib cage with a boat structure

June 8 , 2021 — Tuesday

It was really interesting to break away from a very fixed way of looking at TAD, but now its time to really put our focus into niche specific problems, identifying potential opportunity areas.

we needed our WHY !

by now, we were pretty directed towards using renewable energy harvest as the domain we wanted to solve a problem around,

Design a ‘Toolkit’ to cater to the energy supply needs of a family living in an independent household, affected by flood, to help them sustain until help arrives/situation stabilizes.

we approached our guide with this brief and he suggested that the direction was fine, but it did not require multiple people to address it,

June 11, 2021 — Friday

with the above directions in mind we formulated some other purpose statements-

analysis of current scenario

14-june, 2021 - Monday

today after the discussion we had with our guide, we were directed to come a step above and look at the WHY from an even more wholesome perspective, implying that we need not restrict ourselves just to a bus stop right now, because our primary agenda is not do design a bus stop but to tackle air pollution.

re-evaluating the effectiveness of our solution

will we be able to achieve a substantial cumulative effect ?

we kept in the center of our ideation these four factors, giving them importance individually, but getting to integrate them in a seamless manner.

what to pick ? what to leave ?

By this point we had two very clear direction in front of us, considering all the constraints the context had to offer.

A necessary confusion

the above mentioned confusion of what to pick and what to leave while we need to prioritize air purification or self- sustainability was very much required at this point because we felt that we had deviated from our focus points.


till this point we were looking at direction 1 (human potential) and direction 2 (solar power) as two different directions, but when we considered them working together in a coexisting manner, leading to maximum efficiency in both energy generation and air purification.

considering the solar panels harvesting energy in the day time and storing it for night use while the human potential being active during the day can sustain the power demand during the day.

we reframed our brief for a clearer vision.

modular- cell arrangement

During our concept development phase one criteria that suited the whole scenario well was modularity and cumulative effect.

concept 1
concept 2



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