The learnings from my FIRST design project.

1. Never compare youself to others.

Seems like a motivational quote page already !

2. Over ambition is something i need to figure out.

now this is something i haven’t really settled with yet.

3. Watch the work of your peers and learn.

i feel before this particular project, i wasn’t practicing this as effectively and consciously as I am now because -

4. Believe in a vision and set definitive goals.

i definitely started with the vision of providing a solution for mental health issues, with bringing back the crucial element of fire in our conscious lives and i still believe i am firm on that.

5. Do what you love, enjoy the process.

Now this might contradict with the principles of the result driven society that we are living in today but i truly believe ( at least in the current phase of my life, i’m open to change ) that enjoying the process and gaining the maximum out of it is very important, because if you do not truly enjoy the process you can never reach to a fulfilling outcome.



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