The learnings from my FIRST design project.

Adit Kaushik
3 min readJul 9, 2020


The course officially ends here, but for me it seems like it has just started.

it seems like the process itself is so satisfying that i missed my focus on the final outcome. ( which feels to be both bad and good to me )

I am still in the process of my product conceptualization but during this virtually operated design project i have learnt some very essential values.

1. Never compare youself to others.

Seems like a motivational quote page already !

But the truth is life has been giving me this lesson again and again in the form of very practical experiences in the past few months.

DP being one of them, with the initial days of this project when my peers were starting off with ideation on product i was still just studying about fire and its fundamentals.

I felt a little lost and left out which deviated my focus from my results, but as I moved forward and settled my mind i realized that the path that i was on was chosen by me and to move forward on it is my choice.

2. Over ambition is something i need to figure out.

now this is something i haven’t really settled with yet.

i still feel dreaming big is important and to have a big ambition is important.

but sometimes it happens to work against me, like in this case because i wanted to know as much as possible about fire so that i could know truly how it affects us and our health. doing so i engaged a lot of time researching and was left behind a little.

so maybe i need to add a little more practicality to an ambition considering the time limit ive got for a task.

( I would really value any feedback on this because iv’e dealt with this in my previous projects too.)

3. Watch the work of your peers and learn.

i feel before this particular project, i wasn’t practicing this as effectively and consciously as I am now because -

I was constantly comparing myself with my friends, which had a benefit in disguise for me, because i was very consciously and keenly looking at their works. I learnt a lot about the process involved with developing a product from them.

4. Believe in a vision and set definitive goals.

i definitely started with the vision of providing a solution for mental health issues, with bringing back the crucial element of fire in our conscious lives and i still believe i am firm on that.

But where i lacked in this particular project was that i did not set very definitive goals or shorter milestones for myself and my work which led to me drifiting in just one direction for to long.

5. Do what you love, enjoy the process.

Now this might contradict with the principles of the result driven society that we are living in today but i truly believe ( at least in the current phase of my life, i’m open to change ) that enjoying the process and gaining the maximum out of it is very important, because if you do not truly enjoy the process you can never reach to a fulfilling outcome.

i might have not reached to my final outcome till now but I absolutely loved the process of learning i got in this while, gave me a sense of satisfaction and now is fueling me to do better in my upcoming work.

i feel like nothing i invested my time has gone to waste and it will all lead into a better outcome somehow.

Also i will attach my learning’s from the process specific to “product design” with my final outcome of the project because i still have a lot to learn on that one.

also because above are the core values i would want to improve on for sure.

Thank you for the wonderful experience, I hope i get feedback from you in the future.